Compound Chondrules (Continued)

This might be considered an independent compound chondrule consisting of barred olivine and porphyritic olivine sections. NWA 2372 CK4


This enveloping compound chondrule contains a perfectly round chondrule in the 8 o'clock position. With some imagination you might see four chondrules within its lower half. The field of view is 1.2 mm wide. Zegdou H3


The upper two thirds of this enveloping compound chondrule is a barred olivine chondrule with its two crystal orientations appearing orange and white. It has a thick rim with many small blebs of opaque material. Clovis (no.1) H3.6


Compound Chondrule Rollover Image Clovis (no.1)




This enveloping compound chondrule is a porphyritic pyroxene chondrule containing a barred pyroxene chondrule. Clovis (no.1) H3.6


Rollover image to display the barred chondrule.




An enveloping compound chondrule with an oval, thin rimmed barred olivine chondrule within a polysomatic barred olivine chondrule. Metamorphism has disrupted most of the multiple rims. Mount Tazerzait L5