Chondrule Textural Types

Type I - FeO poor (Reduced)
Type II - FeO rich (Oxidized)
PO - Porphyritic Olivine
Small olivine phenocrysts
Large euhedral to subhedral olivine phenocrysts


PP - Porphyritic Pyroxene
Smaller pyroxine grains than Type II. Often with poikilitic olivine inclusions
Large, often densely packed grains of pyroxene
POP - Porphyritic Olivine-Pyroxine

Small olivine and large pyroxene grains which usually poikilitically enclose olivine


Usually large olivine crystals or laths and pyroxene phenocrysts of similar or smaller size

RP - Radial Pyroxene
Thin fibers or laths having grown from one or more points on the shell


BO - Barred Olivine
Shell containing sub-parallel bars
C - Cryptocrystalline
Microcrystalline intergrowths in multiple orientations
GO, GOP - Granular Olivine (Pyroxene)
Very small grains, sometimes surrounded by a shell of coarser grains and containing blebs of metal and sulfides