SaU 008 Olivine-Phyric Shergottite

Paired with SaU 005, 051, 094, 060, 090, 120, 125, 130 and 150

SaU 008 has large olivine phenocrysts in a fine-grained groundmass of pyroxene and maskelynite – feldspar that has been shocked into a glassy form.  Several shock melt pockets appear here as dark areas with brown halos.  Sample is 13.5 mm wide.

SaU 008 Olivine-Phyric Shergottite 13.5mm

Shock pressures caused twinning and severe fracturing in this pyroxene.  Field of view is one millimeter wide.

SaU 008 Shocked Pyroxine 1.0mm a P800.jpg

In the center is a vesicle surrounded by quenched melt glass (with other smaller vesicles) and partially melted and shock affected pyroxene and olivine.  Polarizing filters partially crossed.  Field of view is 1.7 mm wide.

SaU 008 Melt Vesicle 1.65mm P800.jpg