NWA 773 Lunar Mare Basalt Regolith Breccia and Cumulate Olivine Gabbro

Probably paired with NWA 2700 and 2977

The olivine gabbro cumulate contains about 50% olivine, 25% pigeonite, 15% augite and 10% plagioclase.  Field of view is 4 mm wide.

NWA 773 Lunar Thin Section FOV 4mm

On the left is basalt.  In the top right quadrant is a dark oval area with light clouds.  The dark is maskelynite, plagioclase that has been converted to a glassy state by impact – in this case to level S2.  The light area is plagioclase that remains in its crystalline form.  Field of view is 2.7 mm wide.

NWA 773 Lunar Thin Section Basalt FOV 2.7mm