NWA 4781 CH3 W4

October 2006, Morocco
TKW 181 grams


In spite of the W4 grade NWA 4781 contains many metal grains which are arranged in clusters. This sample is 26 mm long.


This cluster of metal grains lies between several larger chondrule fragments and is interspersed with smaller fragments, small chondrules and mineral grains. Roll over the image for a combined reflected / crossed polarized light view. Field of view is 2.9 mm wide.



The meteorite is composed of a fine-grained matrix set with abundant chondrule fragments, mineral fragments and chondrules. The small chondrules are mostly radial pyroxene and cryptocrystalline types. The chondrule fragments are from chondrules that were much larger than those found in the present stone. Like other CH meteorites NWA 4781 contains fine matrix lumps. One appears here just left of center. Field of view is 7 mm wide.



This thin section contains a few scattered larger chondrules. The largest appearing one is this POP chondrule that presents a greatest dimension of 1.25 mm. There are a couple .75 mm cryptocrystalline chondrules and several other sizable POP chondrules. Field of view is 7 mm wide.



Field of view is 2.9 mm wide.



Field of view is 2.9 mm wide.