DaG 400 Lunar Impact Melt Breccia

DaG 400 is a feldspathic, therefore highland, breccia.  About half its volume is impact breccia clasts.  Veins cutting through the sample are carbonates from terrestrial weathering.  This section is about 22 mm long shown first in plane polarized transmitted light then in cross polarized transmitted light.

DaG 400 Thin Section Plane Polar
DaG 400 Thin Section Crossed Polars

DaG 400 has a variety of textures.    Fields of view are 1.4 mm wide.

This clast has a glassy rim on the left and top (with a glassy spherule?).  Glass is isotropic so it is transparent in plane polarized transmitted light and black in cross polarized transmitted light.  It appears dark, here, in reflected light.  Each frame is 1.5 mm square.

DaG 400 Glassy Rimmed Clast trio

This metal is almost certainly of meteoritic origin. 
Reflected light.  Field of view is 1.4  mm wide.

DaG 400 Metal FOV 1.4mm wide