Allende CV3

Pueblito de Allende, Chihuahua, Mexico
Fell February 8, 1969, 7h05m GMT
TKW >100 kg


This is an animation of a portion of a thin section viewed in crossed polarized light showing a sibling compound chondrule. Both portions are barred olivine chondrules. The larger portion is a polysomatic barred olivine chondrule with a thick igneous rim. The animation is a sequence of pictures taken with the crossed polarizing filters in different positions relative to the thin section.

Roger Warin points out that the internal forms of the two portions and their optical continuity indicate that the smaller portion was fully molten in its position on the larger and that one of the lattices of the larger was the seed for the crystallization of the smaller. Note the thickness of the rim of the larger under the smaller compared to the rest of the rim of the larger.